January 5, 2011

Mercer Zimmerman signs on to represent Cooper Lighting

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Mercer Zimmerman signs on to represent Cooper Lighting

“Resigning from Hubbell Lighting was not an easy decision as we have represented Hubbell for over 25 years.  Our motives were centered around Mercer Zimmerman’s core philosophy of providing a path for new technology and products to our customers as well as our ability to provide service to those products once they are on the job site. Representing Cooper Lighting combined with HE Williams and our other key manufacturers; we feel Mercer Zimmerman is positioned very well for the future,” said Shon Yust-President of Mercer Zimmerman.

Why Cooper Lighting will be an excellent fit with our agency.

Product development:  With the overwhelming technology advances we are currently experiencing in areas such as LEDs, we believe Cooper Lighting is truly focused on new product development and positioned very well to lead us into the future.

Major Investment in the Outdoor LED Market:   With the recent changes in LEDs we have experienced significant differences in the performance of outdoor LED products.  In the last 3 years Cooper Lighting has investment over 5 million dollars into the research and development of new outdoor area and garage products.   We feel that Cooper’s direction will be an excellent fit with Mercer Zimmerman’s long term goal of representing manufacturers focused on the relentless research and development of new innovative products.

Excellent Stock Presence:  It is apparent that Cooper Lighting has done an excellent job focusing on distributor partners with brands such as Halo and distributor programs such as Cooper Connection.  We believe this strength will give Mercer Zimmerman an added presence, enabling us to connect with key distributors partners where we have struggled in the past.


Commitment to Individual Factory Identities Located in the USA:  Over 50% of Cooper Lightings products are manufactured in the USA.  Many of Cooper’s factories have their own customer service and quotations department right in the factory, which allows for a more effective service department and a personal connection with the factory.  


Management Team:  We believe Mark Eubanks, General Manager of Cooper Lighting and Danny Castillo, VP of Sales understand the changing dynamics in our marketplace.  Both are very hands on and involved in the everyday business we live in.  We believe their abilities and vision will enhance Mercer Zimmerman’s strength.

Excellent Training Facility along with a State of the Art Testing Lab and Factory Floor:  Cooper has always been known for their training facility called “The Source”.  They set the bar that others have tried to follow.  One major component that many lack is the ability to showcase testing and then construction of their new products.  This is an area that Cooper has invested heavily in.   Cooper Lighting’s facility will be an excellent selling tool that all of our customers will appreciate.

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