Touch Fund & Team Hally

Touch Fund

At the Touch Fund, our mission is pretty simple: to reach out and do good.

In the spirit of hope, and without discrimination, we positively touch the lives of those in need, anonymously.

Period. No red tape. No arduous, weeks-long process. We’re nimble, we don’t judge and we’re not looking for a payback. We hope Touch Fund recipients will “pay it forward” when they can.

Many requests come through organizations such as Kansas City Hospice, Veterans Community Project, American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge and others.

Other requests come through friends and neighbors who know of someone that needs a little kindness sent his or her way.

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Team Hally

Hally was, among many other things, a basketball player and enthusiast. She aspired to play for K-State one day, and to participate in the Olympics.

She was also a competitive waterskier. In the summer of 2014, Hally ranked first in the Midwest for three‑event waterskiing.

And perhaps most of all, Hally loved Christ. She loved shining Christ to the poor and needy, raising funds to give Bibles in Haiti, and giving money to any charity she could. In private, Hally wrote many praise songs to God and spent each night reading her Bible in bed with her big sister.

It was devastating to lose nine-year-old Hally in 2014. She died due to a rare amoeba in the water from a lake in which she was swimming. Thus, Team Hally was born.

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