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Product Watch: HE William AX2 Suspended Architectural Linear

09/21/2015 /

Here at Mercer-Zimmerman, we are on the look out for the latest and greatest product releases that are out there, so that you don’t have to be! Are you in the market for lighting for your office, hallway, conference room or a medical facility? Well look no further than the HE Williams’ AX2 Suspended Architectural Linear.


Featuring extruded aluminum housing, this fixture has a sleek linear design that incorporates clean lines and slim styling. Its smooth illumination produces over 800 lumens per foot. In addition to style, this product also has functionality. It can either be suspended or wall mounted. It also has the ability to distribute light via down light, up light, or both. One of our favorite things about this product? It is made in America! And of course it’s made right in your backyard in Carthage, Missouri. 


To read more about the HE William AX2 Suspended Architectural Liner, view the spec sheet here:

To view this light in action, watch the video here: