Sarah Hess

Sarah Hess joined Mercer Zimmerman in 2021. Born in Omaha and raised in Elkhorn, Nebraska, Sarah also spent 12 years of her young adult life in Denver, Colorado. She and her husband Andy live in Topeka and are currently weighing the pros and cons of pet ownership, but do have a salt water aquarium at home. Sarah enjoys dancing (country, west coast swing, salsa), traveling, finding and supporting locally owned restaurants and artists, reading and taking classes/earning certifications to further her education, knowledge and growth. She also enjoys a good tailgate and loves most ethnic cuisines including Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian.

Sarah served as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer from 2016-2018 in Cambodia. She says it was an unparalleled experience that helped to refine her worldview and global perspective. Sarah still talks to her host family and looks forward to taking to meeting up with them each year. She is very family-oriented and enjoys building relationships.