Troy Townsend


Troy graduated from The Funny Farm (Class of 1923). He lives in Omaha and if you are in the market, his house is for sale for $500 million. He get calls on it weekly from buyers, so don’t even think about getting him to come down in price. He and his wife have a cat who likes to curl up with him while he crochets. He finds crocheting to be very relaxing after work. At the office, Troy does quick quotes, but not that quick.  Poles and track are his passion and his favorite things to price for customers. Outside of work, he likes to go to the zoo and visit with the Big Cat and Alligator exhibits. Troy is a big fan of the Washington Capitols and also enjoys the Lancers games. He also enjoys yelling and and collecting short sleeve flannel shirts – he fond of Al Borland and keeps a signed poster in his office. In addition, he enjoys reading on his Kindle in his car over the lunch hour. Fun fact – lunch is also his second favorite part of the day, next to going home after a long day of quoting. Something that may surprise you about Troy is that Bingo is his name–O! Yep, that’s right, he’s a retired Bingo caller and worked at the local hall for 20 years. He is often referred to as Eeyore because he is lighting quick on a keyboard. Some people call him Trout, others Trot, mostly because of misspellings in emails that stuck as nicknames. Finally, his favorite coworker is Verle Wiemer because he gives him the best quote opportunities!