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Mercer Zimmerman is the New DIRTT Partner in Iowa

October 31, 2022

Mercer Zimmerman is proud to announce that effective October 31, 2022, we are the official DIRTT Partner in the state of Iowa. DIRTT’s completely custom solutions, powered by their ICE® software, allow us to work with our customers to create entire projects. Sizes, shapes, angles, finishes, and supports are designed to exact specifications, allowing us … Read more

Mercer Zimmerman Acquires Lighting Specialists

July 5, 2022
Lighting Specialists Acquisition

We are excited to announce that effective July 1, 2022, Lighting Specialists has been acquired by Mercer Zimmerman. Since 1928, Lighting Specialists has focused on representing the leading lighting and controls manufacturers in Nebraska. Now we’re joining forces to accomplish a bigger vision – one that we think we can better achieve together. We’d like … Read more

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Commercial Lighting

June 22, 2022
Cooper Commercial Downlight

1. What is Commercial Lighting? We consider commercial lighting to be lighting fixtures and controls used by businesses both indoors and outdoors.     Some examples of the markets Cooper Lighting Solutions serves are Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Office Workplace, Parking Garage, Sports & Entertainment, and Warehouse & Manufacturing. 2. Can Commercial Lighting really increase productivity? Yes. Commercial Lighting affects employee productivity because light has a significant, … Read more

Light Sensitivity And Glaucoma: How Lighting Design Improves Patients’ Lives

June 2, 2022
Light Sensitivity

How proper lighting design and circadian rhythm support can improve the lives of glaucoma patients. Glaucoma is a common ocular disease and a major cause of blindness due to irreversible damage of the eye’s optic nerve. As a result, light sensitivity and glaucoma tend to go hand in hand, but patients need glare-free light. With … Read more

Color Changes: Low Voltage Wiring

April 25, 2022
Wavelinx Wireless

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is an organization that develops the technical standards for the manufacturing of electrical equipment and medical imaging equipment. They work to set industry standards for safety, innovation, interoperability, environment, and market enhancement of our industry. NEMA has clarified guidance on the color used for low voltage control wires which … Read more

Now Representing Finelite in Nebraska & Iowa

April 4, 2022

Mercer Zimmerman is happy to announce that we now represent Finelite in Nebraska and Iowa. We’re excited to expand our partnership into all of our Midwest territories which also include Kansas and Missouri. Finelite continues to set industry standards for easy-to-install tailored lighting systems. Their products consistently meet the evolving needs of designers, specifiers, and … Read more

Mercer Zimmerman Expands into Nebraska and Iowa

November 6, 2021
Downtown Omaha

AES Lighting Group and Mercer Zimmerman are pleased to announce that effective October 1, 2021 Mercer Zimmerman has acquired AES Lighting Group. Our greatest asset has always been our people, and by joining forces we have made a huge increase in the quality of that asset. This acquisition will create a more comprehensive infrastructure to … Read more